Following a get together this afternoon, all of those involved in the campaign to save camping at the Chantry Woods Campsite, have asked all members of the public, community groups and others to keep contacting their councillors to tell them to reverse the decision to stop camping at the site.

Despite the council’s attempts to muddy the water a few days ago, the site’s purpose as a place to camp has been stopped unilaterally, and those who booked it have been told that their bookings will no longer be valid.

There is also now a meeting this Thursday (7th) of the council executive at the council offices at Millmead, where ‘…feedback from will be considered’. If you’re interested in attending this meeting, email

In line with their shoddy behaviour over this issue, it is our very real concern that the council will attempt to force through this change at this meeting, and we encourage all of you to keep up the pressure.

Adviser to Tory leader Cllr Paul Spooner, Cllr Geoff Davis, and colleague Cllr Matt Furniss, have been issuing a misleading statement claiming that the site ‘isn’t going to be closed’, but have omitted the fact that camping would not longer be permitted. We can only conclude that either they’ve made an error, in which case we’ll be delighted to issue an apology just as soon as they clarify that camping will continue to be permitted, or this is intentional, in which case we’ll leave you to decide on the behaviour of the people running Guildford Borough Council. There are the local elections in May after all.

Either way, keep writing, calling, and telling your neighbours to #savechantry

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