Film of what is believed to be Cllrs Paul Spooner, Matt Furniss, Geoff Davis and David Bilbe, earlier.

We’ve just had this story flagged up to us from the online news site, The Guildford Dragon: https://www.guildford-dragon.com/2019/03/03/letter-provision-for-camping-should-be-included-in-any-agreement-on-the-chantries

It contains a quote from Cllr Geoff Davis, Councillor for Holy Trinity ward and adviser to the leader, Cllr Paul Spooner , where he says the following:

‘We are bringing this issue back to Executive this week to clarify given the “misunderstanding” that appears to be spreading by social media and by those linked to the Independent campaign.’

‘Those that watch the webcast on this item will see that provision for camping should be included in any agreement with an education provider but that seems to have been lost in translation, however we look forward to all those who have complained about perceived loss of camping provision do book and use the site in the coming months.’

So either our collective outcry forced Spooner, Furniss, Bilbe, Davis and Co to change their plans; or it took them two months to clarify their position, after having made it very clear, through their action or inaction, that camping was no longer going to be permitted on the site. We’ll leave that to you to decide, dear reader.

We’re taking this news with a barrel of salt, but we’re cautiously optimistic. We’re by no means letting up, and will be seeking some cast-iron guarantees around this pledge, because if there’s one thing many of us have learned so far, is that this lot’s word cannot be taken at face value.

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