The allegations by the #SaveChantry campaign against Guildford Borough Council (GBC) of a cover up over their decision to close Chantry Woods campsite has been further strengthened following the publishing of a series of communications by the council to members of the public.

The communications – emails and GBC web postings – confirming the site’s permanent closure back in January cast serious doubt on whether the site will ever, in fact, reopen, despite their recent reverse-ferret, claiming they were never going to actually close it.

Three documents have been unearthed, all of which prove that the Council line spun last week – that they never closed or intended to close the site – are in fact a big fat….well, you choose the word.

The first is a confirmation to a parent who booked the site (below). This email was sent out to all those who booked the site this year, and so is hardly unique.


The second (below) is a screenshot of the Chantry Woods booking website on the 3rd March – some two months after the decision was made to close the site!

Screenshot 2019-03-06 at 11.14.45

And the final, damning evidence of this rather childish and Trumpian attempt to gaslight campaigners, and convince the public that they have, in fact, gone back in time and changed the past, is an actual news item on the GBC website confirming this.

It’s as though the three stooges – Spooner, Davis and Furniss – think that only they have electronic devices that can screenshot things! Or maybe they actually own a Tardis or some kind of time machine that we don’t know about!

Screenshot 2019-03-06 at 11.12.59

As a matter of fact, we’ve also run our thoughts by prominent local journalists who are equally confused about the council’s denials, and we’re inviting you, the good people of Guildford, to decide what you think about the people charged with looking after vital, popular local assets, especially with an election around the corner.

Republican presidential candidate Trump gestures and declares
Cllr Paul Spooner addressing residents (above)

In other news, one of the campaigners behind the #SaveChantry campaign has submitted a ‘Freedom of Information’ request to Guildford Borough Council.

This important step is aimed at making sure that the Council – who have throughout the process have been either reluctant, unable or inconsistent in providing information about their plans for the site – release anything deemed ‘strongly in the public interest’.

One of the concerns of the #SaveChantry campaign is that the Council will attempt to force through changes to the site – including any lease of facilities to a private company – before anyone notices, and too late to prevent this loss of a valuable site. Keep an eye on this site for more soon.

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