Council (re)opens Chantry consultation

Guildford Borough Council has reopened the process of consultation over the future of the Chantry Woods Campsite.

The Council has now established what is being presented as a second part of the process of consultation after having ‘consulted with campsite users over the Summer’. We don’t think there’s any point rehashing what went before, and would encourage those interested to have a scroll through some of the articles about the campaign we ran at the time.

Control of the council changed hands in May and is now under NOC (No Overall Control/Hung Council) – largely controlled by the Lib Dems, with local party R4GV playing a significant role in various committees.

If this process signals a fresh approach from this new council it is one we should all welcome as a chance to get the process done properly, honestly and openly – especially with the new pledge by all councillors to act transparently.

This part of the process will be managed by a group of external consultants, retained by GBC for stakeholder engagement of this type.

The survey is now online and we’d encourage everyone to complete it – whether you provided responses previously or not.

The consultation and stakeholder engagement will close on the 30th November, and will inform the forthcoming committee report that is scheduled for 24 March 2020, and signage will also be placed in Chantry Wood itself.

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