Late last night, the Lib Dems, who are the biggest party and run a minority administration at Guildford, issued a press release announcing that they are going to ‘start again’ with the Chantry Woods campsite. The full press release is here. Safe to say we’re delighted that the political leadership of the council have taken this step.

The whole process has never worked properly, though we suspect that has more to do with how it was set-up by the previous administration led by Cllr Paul Spooner and ex-Cllr Matt Furniss. Had officers simply been expected to work to an old plan that wasn’t really aimed at finding a solution, but rather ridding the council of an asset it no longer cared about? That’s more in line with what we thought. But either way this is good news.

We also need to pay credit to R4GV Cllr John Redpath, who has been relentless in his pursuit of this. We know that he’s personally pursued this issue with senior officers and the leadership.

We’re looking forward to working with our local councillors and Guildford BC to come up with a solution that retains camping on this fantastic and historic site.

Community assets such as Chantry Wood Campsite can and should be protected, and residents engaged with to find solutions that have consent, not merely ‘consulted‘ to provide cover for the disposal of an asset. If you want to speak with someone about protection for local services or community assets, go to the brilliant Locality. We did.

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