Guildford council to ‘start again’ with Chantry Wood campsite

Late last night, the Lib Dems, who are the biggest party and run a minority administration at Guildford, issued a press release announcing that they are going to ‘start again’ with the Chantry Woods campsite. The full press release is here. Safe to say we’re delighted that the political leadership of the council have taken […]

Council (re)opens Chantry consultation

Guildford Borough Council has reopened the process of consultation over the future of the Chantry Woods Campsite. The Council has now established what is being presented as a second part of the process of consultation after having ‘consulted with campsite users over the Summer’. We don’t think there’s any point rehashing what went before, and […]

New: ‘Council u-turn on Chantry Woods Campsite’

We’re being told that as a result of tonight’s council executive meeting, Chantry Woods campsite will no longer be leased out to a private forest school. There will apparently be ‘no change for the next 12 months.’ There are two responses to this: This is down to all of you who collared their councillors and told […]

#SaveChantry publishes ‘dismantling’ of new Guildford Council paper on Chantry Woods Campsite

As part of their ongoing campaign, #SaveChantry has published an analysis of the document, ‘CHANTRY WOOD CAMPSITE CONSULTATION REVIEW’, published by Guildford Borough Council (GBC) in advance of the council meeting to consider this issue on the 7th March 2019. Guildford Borough Council has called a ‘Special Meeting, Executive Thursday, 7th March, 2019 7.00 pm’, where […]

#SaveChantry reveals more about attempted ‘cover up’ by Council leadership

The allegations by the #SaveChantry campaign against Guildford Borough Council (GBC) of a cover up over their decision to close Chantry Woods campsite has been further strengthened following the publishing of a series of communications by the council to members of the public. The communications – emails and GBC web postings – confirming the site’s […]

Is a Council retreat underway?

Film of what is believed to be Cllrs Paul Spooner, Matt Furniss, Geoff Davis and David Bilbe, earlier. We’ve just had this story flagged up to us from the online news site, The Guildford Dragon: It contains a quote from Cllr Geoff Davis, Councillor for Holy Trinity ward and adviser to the leader, Cllr […]

Council ‘dissembling’ over closure of Chantry Woods Campsite

Dissembling verb (used with object), dis·sem·bled, dis·sem·bling. to give a false or misleading appearance to; conceal the truth or real nature of:to dissemble one’s incompetence in business. to put on the appearance of; feign:to dissemble innocence. verb (used without object), dis·sem·bled, dis·sem·bling. to conceal one’s true motives, thoughts, etc., by some pretense; speak or act hypocritically. Guildford Borough Council have begun issuing a statement from Countryside Manager Hendryk Jurk, which attempts to clear up ‘misunderstandings circulating’. In it, he makes no mention whatsoever of the key problem with their plans: that families, children, community groups and tourists will no […]

News release: Community launches #SaveChantry campaign

26/02/2019 News Release Community launches #SaveChantry campaign Group of local Guildford residents tell council: you’re not handing our campsite to a private company. A group of local residents has today launched a campaign to reverse Guildford Borough Council’s closure of the popular local campsite located in Chantry Woods. “The council’s elected members have acted as […]

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